Selling Your Home with CBX |Smart App Innovation

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Transform your listing experience with the most powerful tools in the industry.

CBx is the next BIG innovation brought to you by Coldwell Banker.

A Customizable Listing Experience, CBx brings "big data" to the consumer in a stunning, visual format like no tool currently available.

CBx allows you to tell unique "stories" about neighborhoods, homes and your informed approach to a sales strategy.

Coldwell Banker agents have the power of bringing big data to your kitchen table with the CBx app. With CBx, our agents can visualize potential buyers for a home, from where they are moving and other market dynamics based on data. They can also use the tool to set the right price for your home based on neighborhood details and amenities.


Learn more how Coldwell Banker and CBx can help you sell your home. 

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Watch this video and discover how this new tool can help enhance your listing experience.